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Work From Home-Job Security

When you are your own boss and work from home, you never have to worry about pleasing your boss. Of course, you will want to do the best work that you can accomplish in order to keep clients happy.
Work from home opportunities may seem like the ultimate in job security, yet you still must do your part in order to gain income from your efforts. You should find a type of work opportunity that allows you to use the experience and knowledge that you have gained previously.  In addition, find something that are of interest to you. If you hate dealing with numbers, doing data entry that requires keying of many numbers is not the right job opportunity for you, no matter how much it pays. If you are a person who loves to have people around, a work at home position, may seem very lonely and confining.
What type of Work Suits You?
One of the key factors in ensuring job security is to do work that is suitable for your abilities.  Suitable work can also mean that you enjoy doing what you do and that it fits your interest over the long term. Work from home has many opportunities to tailor the job to fit your temperament so that you can complete the work quickly and easily and still be personally satisfied with the product that you submit for payment. The time to determine the type of work that suits you is BEFORE you accept the project, not after.
What Type of Pay Do You Require?
Choosing a work from home opportunity that offers the potential for enough pay to meet your financial needs is important.  You need to be realistic about how much income you need and also about how much work you can accomplish, given the typical pay scale. Don't expect to be able to do your best work if you have to maintain the pace for 20 hours out of every 24 just to stay even.  Also, consider that there is likely to be a learning and pay scale curve so that as you become more proficient, your earnings per hour are likely to increase naturally. 
Are You Able to Stay Focused?
As stated, no one can work all the time--even if it is work from home. That being said, it's important to stay focused on the work project during the time you have scheduled as work time.  The time of day that you work will vary from one person to another, as will the length of time that you prefer to put in on a project before taking a break. You may be able to accomplish your set goals for the day in only an hour or two first thing in the morning.  Other home based workers prefer to focus on a week's work at one longer work session, then enjoy a long weekend.
What are the Other Advantages of Home Based Work?
In addition to setting your own schedule and never having boss standing over your shoulder, you are likely to find that work from home will save money on many of the things that previously ate into your take home pay.  For example, your transportation costs are drastically reduced if you no longer are commuting to an outside job.