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Unusual Options For Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Legitimate work from home jobs is becoming the requirement of many, especially of parents who do not work because of commitments to their family. It also works well for those looking to start up their own little business in their zone of residence. These businesses can of course be expanded beyond the confines of a zone at a later date.
There are many popular options for work at home; however if you like to do things a bit differently from the rest of the pack, you should consider some of these unusual options
Trading on E-bay
If regular online jobs like data entry etc. do not interest you, then here is one that you should perhaps consider. E-bay is an excellent option for an online business. What makes it even better is that the more unique your product is, the higher your sales will be. You can start out this business by having a sort of an online garage sale with things from your house. This will help you build up that initial capital. Once you have this, you can then explore options of sourcing unique things and putting them up for sale. 
Editing and writing work
Another excellent choice for legitimate work from home jobs is writing and editing of a book / articles / blogs / papers etc. However to excel at this, you need to have excellent copy writing skills. You must be warned however that these jobs have a highly competitive market and we wouldn’t suggest that you do this full time if you do not have the experience. Instead, starting this with an existing full time job will be a better option. Once you have the necessary experience, then you can start looking to make a steady income from it. The disadvantage of this kind of the job is that it might not always be steady especially if you are a freelancer.
Medical transcription
If you have a good typing speed and a basic knowledge of medical terms and transcription, medical transcription could be one of the legitimate work from home jobs that you could consider.  If you have no prior experience in transcription, then a good idea would be to target your local hospitals and doctors before you start your search online. Hospitals and doctors in your locality will definitely have a need for a medical transcriptions and it is a great way to start and build up a steady income. Once you have gained enough knowledge and experience, you can start looking for bigger and better projects on the internet. You will also have your pocket full of references with your local experience.
Booking keeping
Book keeping in another option for legitimate work from home jobs that one can consider. All that is required for this is a basic knowledge of accounting. Your local enquiry service should be able to give you a list of all the small to medium size businesses that are available in your area. All you need to do is approach them and introduce yourself and your skills. Getting a few clients in and around your area can prove to be one of the most profitable and legitimate work from home jobs that you have considered. The upside of this venture is that it is also possible to do book keeping online, so once you have enough of expertise handling the books of clients in your area, start looking at the online possibilities available to you.