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Skills To Have To Do Data Entry Work From Home

Data entry work from home requires a specific set of skills, some learned, some attitudinal and some personal adjustments to make a success of it.
What is your background? Did your earlier job demand a good typing speed to cope with high pressure assignments? Highlight your typing speed and accuracy capability in data entry work and proof reading work. Have you any experience in analysing data? It is good to equip yourself with skills that go beyond the pale of data entry. Cash in on these skills to show that you are better capable of quick and accurate turnaround time. This becomes a good base for a better value for the data entry work from home that you do.
Technical skills
Most of the work requires basic awareness of Microsoft excel. However, you should be aware of the limitations of the application with large databases. Do you know how to store your data on Microsoft Access and migrate parts of it to XL for doing data entry work from home? Are you aware of methods to convert text from MS Word into XL tables? Study the applications to know the shortcut methods available to replicate information and aid you with speedier and more accurate output. This allows you to take more complex jobs that are better paying because of the higher skill level required.
Time management
Are you skilled at multi-tasking? Will you be able to manage different types of projects running concurrently? This business model often involves sub-contracting to other individuals who carry out data entry work from home. You will have to provide your clients with milestones that should be met within a certain timeline. You will find your payments being held back by the client and/or penalties being charged in case of a delay. This necessarily means that you have the ability to manage the time of your members and prioritise jobs. A delayed payment by a client due to a mistake on your side can put paid to all your efforts at building a credible team.
Pick up short systematised ways to achieve accuracy. The XL application has a number of functions that you can combine to check the accuracy of your work. If your data entry work from home involves text entry into word, find efficient ways to carry out an accuracy test. Incorporate processes that assure accuracy and insist that your staff follow these checks at their end before providing completed work to you.
This is a necessary skill to develop. You might be asked to carry out a plain vanilla exercise in data entry work from home where the work is a base for further analysis, this skill is not relevant. If the customer plans to work on the data, engage yourself in making it as reader-friendly as possible. Give your finished product a final check from the eyes of the reader. Are the titles self explanatory? Should a few columns be highlighted? If the work is going to be worked on by using the filter function, should you provide a field to make the filtering easier? These initiatives will help you convert your customer into a loyal one who prefers you for the task.