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Real Data Entry Jobs Online That Do Not Scam You

While a lot of data entry jobs online are nothing but scams, read on to find out about legitimate data entry work opportunities that don’t scam you.
Most people on the Internet have become wary of scams related to data entry jobs online and have learnt to simply ignore opportunities that claim to help them make heaps of money by doing simply data entry work.  However, considering that the word ‘data’ is used very loosely in this context, there are a lot of legitimate opportunities online where you can make money entering ‘data’ Here are some of them.
Before you jump to the conclusion that I am recommending you start a blog, let me assure you that I am not. A blog can take months to be profitable and requires a lot of effort and understanding of how to monetize a blog. That hardly qualifies as a data entry job online and that is not what I am referring to. The fact remains, however, that blogs are in constant need for fresh data to stay relevant for search engines. A large number of bloggers are willing to pay people to provide them with fresh relevant content on a regular basis. You could take up a data entry job online being a ‘guest blogger’ for a number of blogs and make money by writing fresh content for them.
Article Submission
For the success of online businesses, it is important that there are a lot of links out there on the Internet that link back to the business website. One of the most common methods of spreading links across the Internet is by writing articles for article directories and adding a link to them that directs readers back to the business website.  You could take up a data entry job online writing articles for different websites and submitting them to article directories.
Message Board Posting
If a website owner wants his website to show up in the first few pages of search results, it is important that his website receives fresh content on a regular basis. This leads the search engine to believe that the content is current and relevant and the page rank of the website increases. But, in most cases, the content on a business website tends to remain static without much scope for addition. Such website owners tend to use message board posting as a means to have fresh data on the website. You could take up a data entry job online writing message posting for several business websites and make large amounts of money.
Freelance Writing
On the Internet, Content is King. No website or blog can expect to succeed without relevant content. However, not all website owners or bloggers are equipped to, write enticing content. In most cases, they are too busy running their business to write content, and in some other cases, they simply do not have the skill. This is why a lot of website owners and bloggers are willing to offer a data entry job online which involves writing content for their website or blogs. As a freelance writer, you could also get work writing other offline material for small business owners.