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Top 9 Must Have Online Internet Marketing Tools And Resources For Your Success To Make Money Online Now

As an Internet marketer, I have long scouted the market to find online internet marketing tools, resources, secret, information, advice and help that would assist me attain my goals to make more money online. I have encountered too many products, from software to e-books. I am not surprised that many people find it confusing to find and buy the right materials that could serve as their guide in every step of the way. These days, as competition further intensifies and online marketing continues to evolve, it helps to be better equipped and guided to take the right track.

Numerous inquiries and requests from peers about web bests internet marketing resources  and tools I find it useful for success in online marketing have led me to come out with a comprehensive list of my recommended products. I am sure that every online marketer will find these tools and guidebooks useful in helping him/her find success as well in Internet marketing. Having used most of them, they have helped me tremendously, in terms of time saving, increasing sales and making your sites look more professional, just to name a few, so I am sure they would also do the same to you.
Here go the lists below:


There are numerous Web hosting companies operating across the Internet today. However, when it comes to reasonably priced and reliable Web hosting services, HostGator easily tops the game as one of the best web site hosting company. Reviewers and actual users hold the thumbs-up for its 99%-uptime. When it comes to pricing, the Web hosting services offered provide real value for clients’ investments. With just about $6 to $12, users could access unlimited online data along with hefty email accounts and expanded domain capacity for all purposes. A ‘baby option’ package worth about $4.95 could still be considered robust.

HostGator’s cheap web site hosting packages are best for e-commerce, Web design, and personal Web hosting purposes. The company makes sure its services are supporting virtually any bandwidth along with demand for space through its ‘unlimited’ accounts, which facilitate freer range for setting up Websites and drawing heavy traffic. HostGator truly has among the most competitive rates and highly reliable customer support system for offering unlimited bandwidth and data.
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AWeber Communications

According to online marketing experts, it takes about seven or more exposures to advertisements before online consumers are convinced to buy products or services. It would be very tedious and very difficult, if not impossible, for any Internet marketer to keep on sending advertisements and marketing messages to online customers manually. That is how AWeber Communications, one of the best company providing email auto responders, could be helpful as an online marketing tool.

AWeber is actually an email autoresponder software program for  your online email marketing efforts so that marketers could lure prospective purchasers and at the same time retain existing clientele. It would take care of sending messages and automatically responding to online inquiries from email recipients and contacts. It does so within days, weeks, or even months, depending on the need. I have personally proven that AWeber’s system is truly effective as an email marketing tool in increasing online conversion rate, maximizing marketing efforts, keeping organized, saving lots of time, and above all, bolstering online revenues and profits.
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Top businesses pay huge amount of money just to hear Jonathan speak. However, you do not have to now. Through an exclusive offer with AWeber Communications, Inc., you can now hear directly from Jonathan - absolutely FREE! Believe it, its true if you start to act early!!! 

This TWO-PART video of Jonathan's sequential autoresponse seminar in London, England is in the AWeber control panel.  In this amazing hour, Jonathan reveals:

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  * TWO case studies of DOUBLED, even TRIPLED profits

  * Secrets of super-marketers like MARLON SANDERS

  * Jonathan's own secrets, a peek inside his organization!

This video puts thousands of dollars worth of intellectual material at your fingertips.  Take advantage of Jonathan's expertise right now!

Order an Unlimited Follow up Autoresponder from AWeber Communications today to get access to the revealing e-mail secrets of Jonathan Mizel.

Article Marketing Domination

If you intend to boost online traffic of your Website through internet article marketing, this guidebook is for you. The e-book aims to teach Website owners about how to dominate the Internet market through writing and submitting effective articles. The content is written in a way that goes straight to the point. It is authored by Josh Spaulding, an experienced article marketer.
This guidebook is written in a way that most of us would certainly understand. This way, Article Marketing Domination is different from all other e-books with a similar subject. It bids goodbye to those slick sales pages and skips all the usual big promises.

It teaches about Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI (an algorithm that search engines utilize to evaluate Websites based on keywords use) and basic keyword optimization. Like me, you would also learn more insights about what to do after articles are written, posted, and disseminated online. The guidebook is not full of annoying links to other Websites because every information about online article marketing is discussed clearly. In other words, it is a basic online help in a shoestring.

Article Video Robot

This audio video marketing system is definitely one of the best finds I have discovered in my search for online video marketing tools that could help boost my Website’s profitability. Article Video Robot takes Internet marketing to a higher level. Through the use of this program, you could easily convert any article into live and interactive videos in AVI or Flash formats, which could be easily posted at various Web 2.0 sites like Facebook, MySpace, Blogger.com, and Wordpress. The videos created could also be submitted to top video-sharing sites like YouTube, Blip, and Metacafe.

Article Video Robot creates videos for any article instantly. You could still choose and apply your preferred music, voiceovers, and pictures. If you want, you could add more images to make the videos more lively and persuasive. I have boosted my online presence with smaller costs through production and dissemination of online videos created by this useful marketing software. It could do the same to anyone. You can check out an example of one of the article(or rather the content of a webpage) I have converted using this software at the following link:
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The Best Spinner

Internet marketers like us know how important it is to create, post, and disseminate original and unique articles for the purpose of marketing products and services. Websites and articles that enjoy high search engine rankings are those that are original and unique, without duplicates.

With the use of article spinner software called The Best Spinner, it is now possible to instantly create unique articles out of already existing content or articles. The program automatically re-writes any selection to create new content that is unique, original, and still substantial. It could help you generate hundreds of unique and effective articles from only a single article in an instant.

The highlight of the device is its ability to preserve and apply over a million synonyms to promote uniqueness. This way, I am able to use all the most effective and most liked descriptions and terms to make my online articles attractive, persuasive, and attention-catching. This leads to higher traffic in my online sites, which in turn translate to greater profits. The Best Spinner would do wonders for you, too.
For more information about The Best Spinner software and advantages about article marketing to boost sales, you can check out the link here:

Ninja Affiliate Link Cloaker

As an affiliate marketer, I find it necessary to include numerous affiliate links in most of the online articles and content I produce. This practice is so rampant. However, top search engine Google penalizes Websites for such affiliate links. To be able to keep those affiliate links and at the same time, not be classified by Google as a ‘black hat,’ I use Ninja Affiliate Link Cloaker. It is a real must-have affiliate link cloaking software for all online marketers who want to keep receiving hefty commissions.

The program cloak affiliate link, convert keywords to ‘ninja’ (protected) links, track link counts, backup all data, and create other group links, all in one. If the product or service you are promoting or marketing through affiliate marketing suddenly changes addresses or affiliate networks, there is no need to re-do the article and manually create new links. Ninja Affiliate Link Cloaker does the tedious job for you. That is why it is a real ‘must-have’  affiliate link cloaker tool for affiliate marketers.

Micro Niche Finder

By now you know how important it is to make your Website enjoy high search engine ranking. When writing articles as content for your Website, it is important to make sure you are using the right keywords, which would target excellent search results as well as lower online search competition. Therefore, a good keywords suggestion tool is very important to help you in your research for using the right keywords for your articles as well as website content.
Did you know that you could actually determine costs per click price for specific keywords or key phrases? I have discovered a keyword research seo tool that guides me about choosing and identifying the best key words and phrases to use. It is called Micro Niche Finder.

Aside from providing lists of keywords and key phrases that are most recommended to be used, Micro Niche Finder also features a ‘brain storm’ button that instantly generates random searches through Google Suggest. This is complemented by another feature called ‘Strength of Competition,’ which determines how competitive your Website could be if you use specific keywords in the content. The higher your search engine ranking gets, the better your income potential from customer traffic and prospects for affiliate marketing.

My One Time Special Offer: How to Make Extra Money with Master Resell Rights Products

There are numerous e-books and software products that are sold with included resell rights. I have discovered that it is possible to earn online income from reselling those to other Internet-based customers. This is quite an interesting money-making activity as it could be easier and less tedious. Revenue generation potential could be logically overwhelming.

Acquiring master resell rights could allow you to resell the products to other customers across the Internet. Those buyers could also acquire the right to resell the product. This way, more and more people are given opportunities to make money online through reselling products, particularly e-books and software. Get My One Time Special Offer at a very low price and own the Master Resell Right of these products and sell them and keep 100% profit for yourself today!!!
Not able to pay for your childrens' present this year because of some unfortunate circumstances that happen to your online business which cost you a huge fortune?  Do you want to disappoint your children because of your carelessness of handling your online business? All these will be a reality  if you haven't protect your online  internet business with just a few simple forms.

You could be like most internet marketers, thinking that such  legal things will never happen to you and your online business and you may think that you will never get sued. 
The government will never start an investigative action against your online business.
On top of that, you may also think that customers will never sue you too.

However, this is the reality. Things do happen and more often than you think.

Imagine, if you got sued and all your internet business assets were frozen? Would you still be able to handle this and still bring in income to keep your family and life going?

If you are not aware, then you need to read carefully. In this world, you would be surprised to see people sue for the craziest reasons. Government agencies do investigate when such thing happen. In fact, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission ) issued new guidelines for Internet marketing which became effective December 1, 2009.

If you haven't put that layer of protection in place in all your online business, then you need to think twice and start doing so after reading this immediately today.

You can now find many of the very successful online internet marketers hire an Internet attorney to protect their assets. Many of them hire Mike Young, President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, to make sure their business is covered with a special layer of protection.

However, the services of an Internet attorney could be very expensive and not many people could afford it, especially new start up online business entrepreneurs and Mike knew about this fact that many business owners could not afford to hire him.

Being a Dad himself, Mike knew no parent wanted to tell their children there's no money for presents.

This has prompted Mike to develop a low-cost software package for those of us who market their business online. This package develops those legal forms which protects your business online from most trouble spots in less than 12 minutes.

Website Legal Forms Generator

With this software that I have bought myself, creating all the legal forms is a breeze and all I needed is just less than 12 minutes.

There is no need  for you to steal forms from other internet marketers and risk getting sued by them.

In addition, having the proper website legal forms on your site will improve SEO and reduce your PPC costs.

Website Legal Forms Generator

Do not hesitate anymore. If you want to keep a peace of your mind and sleep well without worrying losing your online business overnight because you do not protect them, then you should pick up your copy right now and protect your online business today!

P.S. Because Mike is also an experienced online marketer, he knows how important good bonuses are. Take a peek at what he's giving you.
My Final Advice
Many online marketers have been enjoying fast and steady inflow of income with the aid of these tools and resources. Investing in any or all of these products would surely lead to better understanding, more insights, and clear guidelines about ways on how any Internet marketer could seize revenue generating opportunities across the online media as well as protecting your online business. It is logical that the Internet as an information and business venue has a strong potential for facilitating income generation. However, not all Internet marketers fully understand the dynamics that could help them actually do so.

Trade secrets and effective practices remain as secrets that are enjoyed exclusively by resourceful Internet marketers. If you are intending to make money through article marketing, affiliate marketing, or Website traffic generation, you need to make attaining higher conversion rate your ultimate goal. In addition, you also need to protect your business online in the long term with the proper legal forms put up in your website. An ignorance of the internet laws is not an excuse if you do not protect yourself from possible lawsuits against you, just because you do not have the proper website legal forms put up in your website to cover your own ass.
Your success in doing so would be your ticket to attractive online income potential. As competition intensifies and as more marketers flock into the Internet, there is a need to be further equipped with better and more contemporary skills and knowledge. I highly recommend the above-mentioned tools and resources because I have actually proven to myself that they indeed work wonders for me. You, too could make more money and protect your business online at an affordable price.

Below are the list of tools and resources many successful internet marketers have been secretly using to help them succeed online but was never revealed to the the public!!! CLICK HERE to get a detail review of each of the below products.
#1 Most Reliable Web Hosting Company
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#2 Reliable Autoresponder
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#3 Top Traffic Generation Method
To Your Website
With Article Marketing

Online Internet Article Marketing With Article Marketing Domination

#4 Ride On Top of Article Marketing
For More Traffic To Your
Website With Video Marketing
Audio Video Marketing - Online Video Marketing
#5 The Best Spinner
The Most Powerful
Article Spinner Software
article spinner software 
#6 Must Have Tool For Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate Link Cloaker - Affiliate Link Cloaking Software To Cloak Affiliate Link
#7 Impressive Keyword Research
And Niche Finder Tool
best keyword research seo tool - keywords suggestion tool 
#8 Get And Own
Your Master Resell Rights
Products And Gain
100% Profit For Yourself !!!
ebook resale rights 
#9 Protect Your Online Business Today With The Proper Website Legal Forms At An Affordable Price
Website Legal Forms Generator