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Lucrative Data Entry Jobs From Home

There are all kinds of data entry jobs from home. There are those that are legitimate and those that are scams, those that are simple and those that are complex and even those that can build you a gold mine and those that might make you feel that you are wasting your time.
If the regular kind of data entry jobs from home like typing in addresses and names don’t interest you, there are plenty of other options that you could consider. Besides being slightly off the beat and a little more complex, these jobs can make you quite a pile of money. Here are a few lucrative ideas that you can explore.
The variety
All data entry jobs basically involve the entry and management of information. If you are an experienced and skilled person in the field of data entry, then the more complex data entry jobs from home should be a cakewalk for you to handle. An example of some of the more demanding jobs is the drawing up of reports, correspondence, records and even spread sheets. With the complexity of these kinds of data entry jobs also comes the tediousness. However if you are a relatively experienced typist with a good rate of accuracy, you should not find them too challenging.
Providing transcription services
Another very interesting option for high end data entry jobs from home is transcription, both legal and medical. Transcription required a more specific skill set. Besides typing, you would also need to be able to comprehend audio files and accents and transcribe with accuracy what you hear. Most people who provide transcription services are trained professionally to do so. The training would involve all kinds of aspects of the job including understanding accents. Transcription work also requires certain equipment that you must have as a pre requisite. This would include foot pedals that are used to control the speed of the speech on the audio file and of course a pair of headphone to hear the audio file.
Medical coding
Medical coding is another interesting option for data entry jobs from home. However it should not be confused with medical transcription as they are both distinctly different. Medical coding is all about making sure that highly important medical data is entered and managed properly. This again would involve training before you can actually start taking on jobs of this nature. Training is available through various correspondence courses.
Litigation coding
Another kind of data entry job from home that involves coding is in the legal industry. If you have an aptitude and a like for the legal industry, then this might just work for you. Like medical coding, litigation coding also involves the conversion of documents such as scanned ones into data that can be stored and easily accessed when required. This job is general comes in the terrain of assisting legal professional.
Even though the above options are more lucrative than most other data entry jobs, you must keep in mind that the money you make might not always be steady. The amount you earn per week depends solely on you and the kind and amount of work you can take on. You might find it a bit slow in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you will find that you are able to take on more and more work, thus increasing your capacity to earn.