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Is Making Money Online Really Possible

If you are to believe the hype on many email recruiting packages, making money online is just a matter of responding to the offer with your pocketbook open. 
Here's how to find legitimate offers.
If you are in a situation where you need to earn some money, you may be intrigued by the opportunities that appear in your email inbox every day--especially if you have ever responded to one of the recruitment missives. Taking the time to study and research each of the offers or blindly depending upon the hype that appears in the email may leave you short on trust and short on time. However, making money online is certainly an achievable goal so long as you keep the following concepts in mind as you are researching the offers.
Due Diligence
Making money online can be easy when you have gone through the process of checking out the claims and the companies that are recommending their own brand of opportunity. Although the claims made by the money opportunity will surely sound good, it will be up to you to determine whether or not those claims can possibly have some basis in reality. The key is to find out how others who have tried the business have fared.  Don't rely on just the claims in the solicitation or on the web site.  Find out from unbiased sources whether the moneymaking program has worked for other participants.
Reputable Business
Find by way of your research that the business opportunity for making money online is a reputable business with a positive reputation in the eyes of regulatory agencies and consumer reporting agencies as well. Agencies such as the Better Business Bureau keep track of consumers’ reports and complaints and follow up on them where appropriate. You can also check out forums and chat rooms developed for the industry that you are considering.  If the business has only positive comments, you can probably accept that it is a valid business with a good reputation.
Your Field of Interest
For the best likelihood of making money online, choosing a type of work that is related to your field of interest is wise. If you are struggling to do something you have no interest in, it's not likely that you will do it well.  Similarly, if you like what you are doing, it won't seem like work.  It will be more like a dedicated hobby. There is an old saying about finding a job you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life.  That is trite, but true in this instance. So follow your interest and you are more likely to succeed.
Offers to Avoid
In order to be sure of making money online, you must not only pick the right offers, but you must be aware of the false claims that are put forth by some less than scrupulous businesses or individuals. For example, few online businesses will allow you to get rich overnight.  You must be patient and realistic about the income that is likely to accrue. Avoid offers from businesses or individuals that have no legitimate track record to point to.  If you see an offer that requires no work, no money and no time, you should probably do more research before signing up to take part in the program.