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Four Adsense Tips To Keep Your Earnings Up

Don’t be content with your current earnings. These Adsense tips can help you dramatically increase your site’s cash flow.

Users of Adsense know that although some people can make remarkable amounts of money – one person claimed to bring in $18,000 per month! – most people struggle to get started because they do not really know what they are doing. The Adsense tips below will help you move closer to the former group by gaining some important knowledge.

Affordable Marketing

One problem some people run into is they can’t afford the costs for high-volume search terms so they never get enough traffic to their site and their Adsense income remains relatively low. The good news is there is a way around this problem. First, you have to focus on building some great content around more affordable search terms, perhaps choose words that are synonymous with the more expensive terms. Now here’s an example of great Adsense tips: as you know you earn more from the Adsense ads associated with higher value terms. So add a link to the bottom of the more affordable terms’ pages that leads readers directly to the higher cost term’s page. That way you can drive traffic to your content more affordably but also boost your chances of getting the better commissions.

Add Images

If you like the above Adsense tips, here’s another good one: use graphics near your ads. You know that when you visit a site your ads are drawn towards the images and graphics. That means if you place something like this on your page near the location of your ad visitors’ attention will be drawn to the ad and that will increase the chances they will click on it. Now do be careful about adding in too many images on your page because this could reduce load times and actually drive visitors away altogether.

Always Track Ads

Even though you don’t have much control over which ads are placed on your site through the Google program, tracking is one of the best Adsense tips available. That’s because you’d be surprised at how big of a difference can be made in the results when an ad is moved from near the top to near the bottom or vice versa, for example. You could try changing the colors, removing the borders, incorporating the ad into content, and other alterations that could positively impact the performance of the ad. Tracking can also help you decide whether or not to adjust your own keywords in hopes of getting more relevant ads which will be a bigger hit with site visitors.

Operate Multiple Sites

While one tip is good, multiple Adsense tips are better. The same is true with your websites. Having one site up and running with the Google service is great but the way to really increase your profit potential is by operating multiple sites. Of course, more sites also means more work but the earnings you could be making would make the effort worth it. Plus, most of the work that needs to be done could be done easily from home or could be outsourced to freelancers.