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Data Entry Works for Students

Are you a student who needs to earn money for your studies and daily needs? You should consider taking any of the available data entry works usually offered exclusively to students.

Many students are independent and are self-supporting. They tend to find and accept part-time jobs like data entry works. If in the past, students opt to take tedious and physically exhausting part-time employment (like waiting at tables in restaurants), these days, most of them simply prefer to earn income online.

Are you among those independent students? You would be delighted to learn that there are various data entry works that you could take. Such jobs are not paying as high as traditional jobs. However, they surely are good sources of easy money for students like you who juggle time between studying and earning cash for daily needs.

What data entry jobs are most popular among students? Here are some ideas that should keep you going. Take note that there is a need to produce high quality and accurate outputs so employers would be pleased on your performance.

Typing jobs are the most common data entry works accepted by students. If you need an online job badly, you could start with such jobs right away. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and of course basic typing skills. You would be required to type data provided by clients. You may receive content from PDF files or other formats that need to be retyped in formats that could be easily retrieved, edited, and re-formatted into forms useful to businesses.

Transcription tasks are data entry jobs that require good listening and typing skills. You would be asked to listen to voice or sound recordings and then transcribe the content into word-processed copies. You would need tape recorders or players to be able to perform the task. Basic typing skills are required because there is a need to produce fast and accurate outputs.

Companies that prefer to outsource such jobs instead of hire regular workers who report to offices require business-encoding tasks. You might be asked to use other applications aside from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. You may need to use your proficiency in MS Excel and MS Access to perform the tasks.

Students who are taking medical or legal courses could fit well into medical or legal transcribing jobs. Such data entry works require the expertise and familiarity about basic and complicated jargons and concepts about the subject matters. In general, professionals handle such data entry jobs. Thus, it could take time to convince clients that you are equally proficient and reliable to perform the activities.

In general, such data entry works for students may pay you about $10 to as high as $50 per hour depending on the type and scope of tasks required. You should learn to take the jobs seriously if you want to stay in the game.