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Another Four Great Strategies Of Using Adsense To Make More Money


If you’re using Adsense to bring in more money, here are four strategies that can help you succeed.

When you’re using Adsense, you obviously want to make money. Most people don’t sign up in order to give other advertisers a boost in their business or just to help out with Google’s marketing program. If you’re serious about obtaining that goal and earning more, you should begin by becoming familiar with the four tips and tricks below.

Filter Out Low CPC

CPC stands for cost per click and when using Adsense you’ll find that some of the ads placed on your site have higher CPCs than others. For example, a high volume term like Playstation 3 might score you a much higher CPC than a lower volume search term. However, you don’t necessarily get to decide which types of ads get posted on your site. Even if you’ve done an excellent job with your keyword density and optimization for a high-volume word, some ads for related low value terms may pop up.

The answer is to filter out those low CPCs. You can do this manually by compiling a list of terms that you do not want ads for but this takes time. Now there are programs available on the Internet that will do this for you automatically. Use them and keep your site populated with high CPC ads.

Rotate Your Ads

Using Adsense effectively sometimes means making use of other tools outside of the Google family. The above example was a good illustration of this fact. Another is the ability to rotate your Adsense ads thanks to programs you can find available online. By rotating the ads periodically, you increase the odds that a visitor to your site will find one interesting because you are exposing that visitor to double the number of ads without him or her leaving your page. In some tests by uses, this approach has doubled their click through rates.

Keep Ads to a Minimum

When you are using Adsense, you need to walk a very fine line between making your ads noticeable and overwhelming the visitor with ways for you to earn money. What happens when you cross that line is either the visitor becomes so annoyed they go elsewhere or they become blind to all of the ads on your page. Either way you get no clicks and no money. Remember to use ads in moderation. Place them wisely on the pages, too, so they don’t seem too plentiful. Make sure to have good, eye-catching content that will help keep visitors at your site long enough for them to consider following your ads. Also try to place your ads on the left side of the page not the right because this has been shown to deliver higher click through rates.

Change the Colors

Using Adsense sometimes means getting creative and that’s why another way to boost your success numbers is by adjusting the colors of your ads periodically. You’d be surprised how much difference a small cosmetic adjustment can make. So make sure to implement these suggestions to arrive at success quicker than you earlier thought.