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Increasing Google Adsense Revenue - Tips and Tricks

Google Adsense is a way of presenting web site advertisements in order to bring in adsense revenue to the site, even if the web master doesn't sell the product. 
Google Adsense depends upon the content of the material in the web sites to be the key advertising selling point.  The content brings people to the site to get information or to have questions answered.  The rich content created by skillful and informative use of keywords about the subject at hand is what makes people stay at the web site and become clients or customers.  The indexing and ranking of the pages contained in the web site is what allows viewers to discover what they will find when they go there. The more skillfully presented information that is available, the more opportunity to market the product or service.
Studies have been done about the best way to layout the Google Adsense ads to increase adsense revenue. You can find information about which colors to use, whether or not to use borders on the ads, what shape the ads should be, whether the ads should be incorporated into the textual content of the ads and various other factors that make your Adsense ads noticeable yet not overwhelming. Every aspect of the layout is studied and confirmed by trial and error.  In addition, certain types of layout styles will work well for one audience and may fail dismally when used for another targeted audience.
Two main types of Google Adsense ads are often found on web sites.  First is the text box where the ad is set apart from the content of the page by a border, white space, text size or color.  Another type of location is that of blended ads.  In this instance, the ad is blended into the text so that it becomes part of the content, yet the viewer can still click on the link and be taken to further information on the product in question. Since the English speaking world reads from left to right, and from top to bottom, it makes sense to place your ads in the upper left quadrant of the web page rather than in the lower left.
Using colors in your Google Adsense ads that either blend with or contrast with the general theme of your web page can make a significant difference in your click through rate to increase adsense revenue. Much will depend on the theme of your web site, but better success is usually found by using colors that blend with the tone of your overall page.  The best way to be sure is to test your presentation for several days and look at the statistics that result.
With Google Adsense programs the foremost thing to remember is that the site should not be created just for the purpose of collecting Adsense revenue.  Use a web site dedicated to the idea of providing information about a subject that interests you and then add the advertisements that provide additional revenue.  To do otherwise will reflect poorly on both the website and on Google and you generally will not be allowed to continue receiving revenue from Google with such an approach. Take the time to research the top selling keywords and use them in your own field for maximum profits.