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Google Adsense Tips - Staying Clean

With the following Google Adsense tips, used as intended can provide solid, substantial income to web master who are willing to publish according to guidelines laid down by Google.
In order to make a program such as Google Adsense work effectively, it has to present something innovative or it has to perform existing methods in a more effective way.  Google actually accomplished both goals when it set out to promote AdSense.  The concept was fairly new, although built on the general work of the WordNet, Simpli and Applied Semantics programs as well as by extensive development work by Brown University personnel. Google's program also took the idea of advertising in media and made it work for the internet. Those who use the program continually find new ways to make it even more profitable.
The bad guys
Early in the history of Google Adsense, it received some negative publicity from two quarters.  First was the group who said it would never work and who pooh-poohed the idea of people paying to read an ad. Strictly speaking though, people pay to read or watch or listen to ads all the time in almost any media you can name. The second groups of people are the ones that actually caused the most problem.  They saw in the program only ways to twist it to make more money for themselves, instead of using it as it was intended.  However, Google aggressively went after and shut down the web sites that were created only for the purpose of gaining revenue on the clicks, rather than on the content.
Content is king
Google Adsense administrators took the view, and rightfully so, that a web site with no useful content will only give all advertising a bad image.  Unfortunately, in the course of getting rid of the publishers who did not comply with the publishing guidelines set forth by Google, a few of the good guys got lost in the shuffle too.  Google allowed such publishers to present their point of view and most were reinstated.
Associated Services
With some Adsense tips, savvy web masters have found ways to use its associated services in ways that increase revenue potential even higher. For example, learning the value of various keywords is possible with some current software programs.  When you create websites to take advantage of much used keywords, you have a better chance of increasing your revenue.  You can build up sites for other web marketers and sell or lease the domain names or your abilities as an organizer. Creating synonyms for keywords is a faculty used in some software available on the internet.
The potential for income is sky high for those who are willing to take the concepts of internet marketing and apply them to Google Adsense.  In fact, though the receipt of income depends on being canny about understanding and using the principles of publishing ads under the Google program.  Depend upon good, strong content rather than tricks and short cuts.  Your visitors and customers expect true value received, not hints, hot air and weasel words. Take advantage of the wealth of advice and adsense tips available from those who had made the program work for them.